Facelift Procedure

Face-lift (Rhytidectomy) Procedures

Hello, my name is Dr. Chobanian, Susan Chobanian. And today I'd like to talk a little bit about facelift surgery. The technical term for facelift is Rhytidectomy. Rhytid mean wrinkles and Ectomy means to remove.

But when we do a facelift, we do a lot more than just removing some wrinkles. We contour the entire face. We like to contour the cheekbones, the mid face, create a nice jawline, and, of course, contour the neck. If you're looking in the mirror and you feel a lot younger than you look, then maybe it's time
for you to consider a facelift. My goal in facelift surgery is to address the effects of time and gravity.

How does Dr. Chobanian do Facelift (Rhytidectomy)?

You come in in the morning, we do the surgery. You go home the same day. The standard facelift incision starts inside the hairline. I try to avoid any incisions in front of the hairline because women also often like to wear their hair back. For men, it's very important because their hair is generally short.

So we like to hide the incision inside the hairline. The incision continues downward in the natural creases and crevices in front of the ear. The incision turns around the earlobe and it goes upward in the posterior crease behind the ear. The process of the facelift is that we lift the skin off the face. We reposition, recontour the fat path, we tighten the musculature of the face and, of course, the neck.

And then we pull the skin back and upward to create a more "Youthful appearance" and put the structures of the face back to where they were when we were younger. Sometimes the patients don't need an entire facelift. And in some patients, we address just those areas that they feel bother them
the most. Sometimes it's the lower face, the jowl area and the neck. Sometimes it's the upper face and the cheek area that's been drooping.

What additional procedures can be done?

Sometimes we do a mini face lift. Sometimes we just do a neck facelift and we alter the incision and the surgery accordingly to what their needs are. Sometimes we have to add additional procedures to the facelift. We often do eyelid surgery. Sometimes we do fat grafting to address the decreases of the smile lines or the fine lines above the lip.

As some patients age their upper lip or their lips flatten out a little bit, plumper lip with fat grafting creates a more youthful appearance. Patients who age with a lot of fat in the lower neck, the lower region, we often do liposuction to help give a better contour to the jaw line in the neck.

Facelift Surgery: Dr. Susan Chobanian

How long is the Recovery?

When the patient is awake from facelift surgery, we usually have a pretty tight cotton dressing or a wrap that comes off the day after surgery, and we replace it with a lighter, softer dressing. On the third day after surgery, all the bandages are off and the patients wear elasticized chin strap to support the structures of the face. The sutures are removed in approximately seven or eight days, and most of my patients go back to work in ten to 14 days.

Patients who work from home or work remotely often go back to work a day or two after surgery.
They can do desk work or computer work without any difficulty because you don't feel sick. And a facelift is really not a painful procedure. Facelifts are one of my favorite operations. It's one of my most satisfying operations

Rhytidectomy and Facelift Consultation

If you look in the mirror and you feel a lot younger than what you see, if you have a vibrant, active lifestyle that you want to keep up with, if you are competing in the workplace, you have a profession that is very competitive, then maybe it's time for you to treat yourself to a facelift.

I would love to see you for a consultation. We'll examine your face, will take issue with your individual facial contours and structure, and will plan a surgical procedure according to your needs and desires that satisfies your lifestyle.

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