Non-Surgical Procedures

Non-Surgical Procedures TITAN™ Laser: Dr. Susan Chobanian

TITAN™ Laser Process

My most popular and my favorite laser is the Titan, the Titan does exactly that It tightens the skin and gives a nonsurgical face lift. Of course, we don't get the tremendous pull and the tremendous tightening that we do get from the face lift, but it gives a very natural result. It's for patients who want just a little bit of tightening, patients who don't need a facelift, but realize that their skin is becoming relaxed or redundant or they're developing. Some say the Titan treatment is painless and feels like a warm stone massage.

The patients come in, they laydown for an hour, and they relax. We do the treatment, and you can see or feel the results immediately, the face feels tighter and the collagen starts to regenerate. This treatment needs to be done at least three times and we usually space the treatments one month apart and even after the last treatment, we continue to see the effects of the laser. After the last treatment, up until a year, the face continues to tighten. We recommend that the patients come in once a year because the aging process does still continue and to maintain that result, you need at least one treatment once a year to maintain the result. It is a permanent result, a very gentle laser, It's an infrared long wave length laser that gets excellent results. I myself have had four treatments, and I can tell that it has improved the quality of my skin, tightened my jawline, and actually lifted my brow.

Non-Surgical Procedure LASER GENESIS®: Dr. Susan Chobanian

When is LASER GENESIS® Helpful

The second laser that is one of my favorites is the Laser Genesis. The Laser Genesis is great for all ages, I do a lot of teenagers with the Laser Genesis and it's a very popular laser treatment for the Hollywood celebrities. It's a treatment that we do the day of or a day before a special event that you may have. We do a lot of brides the day before their wedding and it smooths the skin and it tightens the pores as well as the making the skin look like porcelain.

Our patients see the results immediately and they walk out glowing. When you put your makeup on that night for a special appearance, you look beautiful. If the patients keep up, it's a very gentle treatment along with the patients seeing permanent results. I do have patients that do it on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis and even they have continually smooth, beautiful, radiant skin.

Non-Surgical Procedure TruSculpt® Flex Laser: Dr. Susan Chobanian

How Can The TruSculpt® Flex Laser Help You

The third laser treatment that I would like to discuss is the treatment that I've done myself following Covid and the Covid lockdowns. The average weight gained across the United States after the Covid lockdown was approximately 25lb to 26lb and I too gained weight after Covid. As soon as the gyms opened up I went back to the gym, I do go to the gym maybe two to three times a week but recently I've also done the TruSculpt treatment with the Flex. It's an excellent laser treatment that melts the fat and combined with the Flex treatment, it has toned my muscles. It's great for bely fat and is also great for thick thighs. It's toned my thighs and has tightened the muscle, it makes you look more muscular and helps in trimming your clothes.

It's a painless procedure that takes approximately an hour. We like to do three treatments but we have some patients that see excellent results after one depending on how much fat and what the laxity of their muscle tone is. It's done in the office and takes approximately one hour and there's NO DOWN-TIME. So, some patients get the treatment on their lunch hour and go back to work, they can also go out that evening and they have no residual side-effects except for an improvement in their appearance.

Non-Surgical Procedure Pico Genesis: Dr. Susan Chobanian

Pico Laser Process

The fourth laser that I'd like to discuss is our New Pico Laser. Pico lasers have been around for a long time. They're characteristically a laser that treats brown spots, dark spots and tattoos. The old Pico lasers were very slow and it took multiple treatments in order to see a result. With our newest cutting edge Pico laser, depending on the type of brown spot we're treating or the type of tattoo we're treating, we can see eradication from approximately three treatments sometimes even one or two treatments can start to show results.

It's an excellent treatment for brown spots, age spots, freckles, and some patients are born with a congenital nevus or a brown spot. We've got excellent permanent results on those and it also is very helpful in the treatment of melasma. We can control the melasma very nicely with this Pico laser. There's very little downtime, hardly any redness or bruising with this Pico laser. It's also very good for patients who have tattoo regrets. I have several patients who have had makeup tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, lip tattoos or just body tattoos and they regret having it done or it was done asymmetrically.

We've used this Pico laser very effectively to correct the tattoo that was a little bit asymmetrical or off center, or is not compatible to your normal makeup or skin tone. The advantage of this Pico laser is that we treat all colors and the treatment is very effective. Years ago, I used to do 6-12 treatments in order to eradicate a tattoo or eradicate a brown spot. But now, most of the time we get excellent results in about two, three, or four treatments.

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