Non-Surgical Procedures

Non-Surgical Procedures TITAN™ Laser: Dr. Susan Chobanian

TITAN™ Laser Process

Among the various popular and preferred lasers, the Titan™ stands out as one of the best. Renowned for its exceptional capabilities, the Titan laser specializes in skin tightening and offers a remarkable nonsurgical facelift solution. While it doesn't replicate a surgical facelift's significant pull and transformative effects, it provides an impressively natural result.

It is ideal for individuals seeking a subtle yet effective tightening effect; the Titan laser addresses concerns such as skin relaxation, redundancy, and early signs of development. This makes it an excellent option for those who may not require a full facelift but are noticing changes in their skin.

Patients often describe the Titan treatment as a painless experience that feels like a soothing, warm stone massage.

The immediate impact becomes evident during the treatment session – the skin feels tighter, and collagen regeneration begins.

Three treatment sessions are recommended for optimal results, usually spaced a month apart. Notably, the positive effects of the Titan laser endure even after the final session. The gradual skin tightening process continues for up to a year post-treatment.

To sustain the achieved results, an annual visit is advised. As the aging process persists, this maintenance approach ensures the results are upheld over time.

Try Titan™ Laser treatment today and witness its transformative potential for your skin. Your journey to rejuvenated and revitalized skin starts here.

Non-Surgical Procedure LASER GENESIS®: Dr. Susan Chobanian

When is LASER GENESIS® Helpful?

Among the esteemed selection of preferred treatments, Dr. Susan Chobanian holds a distinct affinity for the LASER GENESIS® procedure.

LASER GENESIS® treatment works for people of all ages. Notably, it has become a cherished option among Hollywood celebrities, esteemed for its ability to produce radiant, flawless skin.

An outstanding aspect of LASER GENESIS® is its suitability for specific occasions. The treatment makes your skin look smooth and reduces the size of pores.

Patients undergoing LASER GENESIS® witness an immediate transformation. The post-treatment glow is evident as they depart the clinic. Consistency in treatment ensures enduring benefits. The gentleness of the procedure contributes to its longevity as patients experience lasting improvements.

Dr. Susan Chobanian accommodates diverse preferences in treatment frequency. Patients can choose to have sessions every week, every two weeks, or every month based on what suits them best.

For those seeking an immediate enhancement before a significant occasion or aiming to cultivate an enduring radiance, the LASER GENESIS® procedure stands as a reliable solution.

Dr. Susan Chobanian's know-how, combined with this new approach, brings you instantly beautiful skin and keeps improving. Start your journey to glowing, revitalized skin with LASER GENESIS®.

Non-Surgical Procedure TruSculpt® Flex Laser: Dr. Susan Chobanian

How Can The TruSculpt® Flex Laser Help You

Discover a transformative solution with TruSculpt® Flex Laser, a remarkable treatment encompassing fat reduction and muscle toning.

Following the Covid pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, lots of people experienced weight gain. Dr. Susan Chobanian faced this challenge herself and sought a solution. She committed to regular gym sessions and supplemented her efforts with TruSculpt® Flex Laser treatments.

TruSculpt® Flex Laser boasts a dual-action capability. It targets fat, effectively melting it away, and partners with the Flex treatment to tone muscles. Dr. Susan Chobanian shares how this combination effectively transformed her physique.

This advanced treatment isn't limited in its benefits. It effectively addresses belly fat and is equally adept at tackling thicker thighs. By toning and tightening muscles, it imparts a more sculpted appearance, enhancing the fit of clothing.

The TruSculpt® Flex Laser procedure is painless and convenient, lasting around an hour. Although three treatments are typically recommended, remarkable outcomes can be seen after one session, depending on factors like fat content and muscle laxity. Notably, there's no downtime associated with the procedure. Patients can comfortably return to their daily activities, including work, right after treatment.

Experience the TruSculpt® Flex Laser difference – a journey toward enhanced appearance and improved confidence. Witness the positive changes in your body without side effects. Join Dr. Susan Chobanian for a refreshing experience guided by her expertise.

Non-Surgical Procedure Pico Genesis: Dr. Susan Chobanian

Introducing the Pico Laser Process

Discover the remarkable Pico Laser Process, a breakthrough in skincare. Dr. Susan Chobanian proudly presents this advanced technology for quick and effective solutions.

Experience the power of the Pico laser for fading brown spots, dark spots, and tattoos. In just a few sessions, you can see remarkable changes.
It's even effective for addressing melasma and achieving a balanced skin tone.

With minimal redness and bruising, the Pico laser ensures you can get back to your routine quickly, making it perfect for those with busy lives.

Tattoo Transformation

Say goodbye to tattoo regrets. The Pico laser can correct asymmetrical or unwanted tattoos, offering a new level of confidence.

Experience the future of skincare with the Pico Laser Process by Dr. Susan Chobanian. Say hello to beautiful, transformed skin.


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