Revision Rhinoplasty in Glendale, CA

You might perceive the damage as irreparable if you've encountered an unfortunate situation resulting from a poorly executed rhinoplasty procedure. At Dr. Susan L. Chobanian's medical office in Glendale, CA, we specialize in revision rhinoplasty to fix problems that occurred during previous surgeries and help you feel confident again.

Whether you're from Glendale or nearby areas, contact us today.

We're here to provide caring and dedicated help to fix the issues from your previous nose surgery.

Recognizing the Need for Revision Rhinoplasty


Whether your initial rhinoplasty was carried out due to medical requirements or cosmetic improvements, complications can arise, especially when a novice surgeon mishandles the procedure.

Indications of a botched rhinoplasty include a noticeably low nose bridge, asymmetrical nostrils, pinched nasal passages, and breathing difficulties. These issues may accompany persistent pain and inflammation beyond the expected recovery period.

This is where revision rhinoplasty can help. It's like giving your nose a second chance to look and work better. Our goal at Dr. Susan L. Chobanian's office is to ensure you're happy. We want you to feel comfortable and get the results you want.

How  We  Can Help

If you're concerned about your nose surgery, don’t hesitate to reach out and find appropriate assistance regarding your concern. Our skilled doctors can explain how revision rhinoplasty works and how it can fix the problems. We have a calm and organized place where you can feel at ease. Trust us to care for you and guide you toward your desired nose.

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