Scar-less Rhinoplasty Or Closed Rhinoplasty

Embracing Scarless Rhinoplasty

Almost all nose surgeries that Dr. Chobanian performs are Scarless Rhinoplasties. It's a technique she's mastered over her extensive 25-year experience. This approach primarily involves making changes from within the nose through the nostrils. There's no need for external incisions – no cuts across the Columella's base, around the nostrils, or beneath the lip. As a result, there are no visible scars or stitches on the outside. Whether it's about enhancing breathing functionality or refining appearance, Scarless Rhinoplasty offers a comprehensive solution.

Exploring the Benefits

Choosing Scarless Rhinoplasty comes with several advantages. Dr. Chobanian has been employing this technique for primary rhinoplasties (for those undergoing the procedure for the first time) and revision rhinoplasties (for those with previous surgeries).

Even if previous surgeries have left barely visible scars, Scarless Rhinoplasty can improve or camouflage these scars. Patients undergoing this technique experience improved and faster healing, reduced bruising, and less noticeable swelling. Most bruising and swelling fade away within three to five days. The swelling is practically gone when the bandages are removed in six to seven days.

The cast or bandage gently comes off the nose, and patients are ready to resume regular activities. No swollen and bruised look keeps them hidden from the world – they look perfectly normal. This approach is especially beneficial for individuals with bulky or meaty noses and those with thick or oily skin.

With Scarless Rhinoplasty, the skin contracts more effectively, leading to a refined and slimmer nose. Dr. Chobanian's technique can reduce nose bulkiness by around 50%. Scarless Rhinoplasty brings the nose closer to the face and minimizes nostril size by up to 50% for individuals with lengthy noses or extended nostrils. Patients who opt for closed rhinoplasty also find themselves content with unchanged skin texture and color and preserved sensation – no numbness in the nasal tip.

Closed Rhinoplasty: Dr. Susan Chobanian

Scarless Rhinoplasty: A Preferred Choice for Men

Men particularly favor Scarless Rhinoplasty. Men often feel self-conscious about undergoing cosmetic procedures and having any visible scars or stitches on their faces. This technique aligns well with their preferences.

Additionally, male patients usually have thicker skin and might have bulbous nasal tips, making Scarless Rhinoplasty an excellent choice. They can quickly return to their daily routines, including returning to the gym within about two weeks.

Closed Rhinoplasty Consultation

If you're contemplating rhinoplasty, whether it's your first time or dealing with previous surgery scars, a consultation with Dr. Chobanian is a first step. During this detailed consultation, you'll delve into your desires for cosmetic improvements and functional enhancements in breathing.

  • Get a complete consultation in detail with your photographs.
  • Discuss the changes you want.
  • Review your photos to decide what kind of technique suits you best.

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