Scar-less Rhinoplasty Or Closed Rhinoplasty

Scar-less Rhinoplasty Or Closed Rhinoplasty

I'm Dr. Chobanyan, Susan Chobanyan and I would like to talk about Scar-less rhinoplasty. Virtually 100%
of all the noses I do are Scar-less. It's basically a closed technique. The surgery is all done from the inside of the nose, through the nostrils.
There's no cutting on the outside of the nose, across the base of the Columella. There's no cutting around the Nostril, and there's no cutting underneath the Lip. There's no scars or stitches on the
outside of the nose. All the work is done through the nostrils, on the inside, whether it be for breathing or cosmetic purposes or both.

Advantages of Scar-less Rhinoplasty

Scar-less (Scarless) rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty I've been doing for over 25 years, and whether you're considering a primary rhinoplasty, a nose that's never been operated on before, or if it's a revision rhinoplasty, the closed technique has many advantages.
Even if you've had a previous rhinoplasty where it's been cut from the outside once or twice and the scars are unsightly, I can camouflage the scars or improve the scars through a Scar-less or closed
rhinoplasty. My patients who undergo closed rhinoplasty have improved healing, faster healing.
There's less bruising, less swelling, less black and blue. Most of the bruising and swelling is gone in three to five days. By the time we take the bandages off in six or seven days, the swelling is practically, completely resolved.

The cast or the bandage literally floats off the nose, and the patients are ready to go back to work.
They don't have that "Avatar" look where they can't be seen by the public. They look perfectly normal.
The advantages of a closed rhinoplasty is also for very bulbous or meaty noses, patients who have very thick skin, very oily skin.

The closed rhinoplasty improves the skin's ability to contract and create a nice slim nose.
With my technique of Scar-less, closed rhinoplasty, I can reduce the bulkiness of the nose by approximately 50% or more. Patients who have very long noses, very long nostrils, the Scar-less rhinoplasty allows me to bring the nose closer to the face and reduce the size of the nostril up to 50%.
My patients for closed rhinoplasty are also very happy with the skin texture and color, which stays the same. They don't lose any sensation. There is no numbness to the tip of the nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty: Dr. Susan Chobanian

Scar-less Rhinoplasty Favored By Men

The Scar-less rhinoplasty is particularly favorable by men. Men in general are very self conscious about having plastic surgery or having cosmetic surgery.

If there's any scars or stitches on the outside that shows on their face, they're very self conscious about that. They don't like to have people know that they've had cosmetic surgery.

So the Scarless rhinoplasty is particularly good for male patients. Because, the number one, they do have thick skin. A lot of them have bulbous tips, and this technique allows them to go back to work and get back to the gym.

Most of my patients go back to work in one week. They get back to the gym in at least two weeks.

Closed Rhinoplasty Consultation

So if you're considering rhinoplasty, whether it be a primary rhinoplasty or if you've had a
previous rhinoplasty and you have scars on the outside of the nose, I would like to see you in
consultation, so we can discuss in-depth how we can improve your nose, what changes you want cosmetically or functionally to improve the breathing and we can do it all without scars from the inside.

  • We'll do a complete consultation in detail with you're photographs.
  • We'll discuss exactly what changes you want.
  • We'll review your photos and you can make a good decision on what kind of technique that would pursue you best.

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