Injection Party March 4th, 2016

Since last years injectable party was a big success, Dr. Chobanian decided to do it again this year!!

 Instead of only inviting her current patients and friends, she sent out an invite to many people in the Los Angeles area to join her informative party! She even had a special on her injectables!! So regardless of if you have had injectables in the past, or are interested in getting treatment, Dr. Chobanian catered to everyone’s needs.

 Dr. Chobanian’s goal is to make her patients knowledgable about the procedures/treatments that they are interested in. She will go into detail and make sure that you are making the best decision for you. She hosts these parties to ensure that you are comfortable, not only with her, but with the procedure as well. It is very important for you to know all options before making a decision.

 Want to be part of the party next time?! You don’t have to miss out! Send us your name, email, and mailing address and we would love to invite you to our next party! Send all information to and we will keep your information saved for the next party!