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Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Susan Chobanian, has over three decades of experience and serves Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, Beverly Hills, and beyond. She specializes in rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and other surgical procedures.

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Renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles for Over 3 Decades


Serving Los Angeles

Dr. Susan Chobanian M.D. is a firmly established name among the best experts in rhinoplasty, cosmetic, and plastic surgery in Glendale and the expansive Los Angeles region. Her reach extends to Beverly Hills, Burbank, Los Angeles, and Glendale, where her exceptional skills have left an enduring mark.

Dr. Chobanian has built a foundation of honesty, trust, and unwavering dedication. She has earned her peers and patients ' respect and admiration through relentless hard work and a commitment to excellent patient care.

Discover the difference of over 30 years of expertise and genuine care with Dr. Susan Chobanian.

Join her transformative journey towards enhanced confidence and well-being as she empowers individuals to achieve a unique "feel good" quality.

Professional Background

Dr. Chobanian embarked on her career by dedicating four years to managing head and neck traumas and reconstructions. She achieved board certification in head and neck surgery and otolaryngology during this time.

A pivotal phase followed as she pursued a facial plastic and cosmetic surgery fellowship. This experience resonated deeply with her aesthetic sensibilities and passion for nurturing patient-doctor relationships. Her dedication was recognized as she became a fellow of the esteemed American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Becoming a Cosmetic Surgeon

After a fellowship in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery, she found her passion aligning perfectly with cosmetic and plastic surgery. Becoming a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery validated her expertise.

Recognizing that our appearance shapes our first impressions, she believes everyone deserves to look their best at any age.

In her own words: “Aesthetic surgery addresses something far more important than conceit. It addresses the patient's desire to succeed, to feel more comfortable in a crowd, and to feel a part of the realm of attractive people. We all deserve to have self-confidence!” Dr. Chobanian radiates this self-assurance and remains committed to helping others attain it.

Attracting Patients Nationwide

People from across the United States visit Dr. Chobanian in Glendale for surgical procedures for themselves and their loved ones. Her expertise has attracted diverse visitors, including prominent individuals from Beverly Hills, Hollywood celebrities, physicians from Austin, Texas, and influential investors from Dallas and beyond.

She also conducts online sessions to accommodate those from different states who need her services.

Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty Experience Reviews

Sis Enrichment CenterSis Enrichment Center
02:47 17 Mar 22
Dr. Susan Chobanian is the first choice for many people. Her years experience and reputation for many types of plastic surgeries, and particularly nose job has made her a legend. She is extremely talented. My very close family member had a very successful rhinoplasty job. Many of our clients have referred her and made her our first choice. She is very dedicated, talented, experienced and knowledgeable. She has many patients from Beverly Hills, Huston, Austin, and even Dallas Texas for nose job, breast augmentation, male rhinoplasty, Liposuction, facelift and other plastic surgeries. We love her and recommend her to all.
Encino FireplaceEncino Fireplace
05:26 04 Mar 22
Looking to find a plastic surgeon near me, I ended up driving to Glendale for a visit. From the first instance I liked Dr. Susan, and gain confidence about her work. She was different than my past experiences. I could tell that she had spent many years of her life doing complex procedures. I liked how determined and serous she was about her job. She welcomed me every time I set up a visit with no cost after the procedure. My nose looked very good from the first day with all the swelling. I started recommending her to all my friends in Studio City, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Few of them already knew her. Majority of her clients are by word of mouth. The pricing is fair compared to years of experience. With the result she delivers. I can tell she is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons around. I've seen and heard many patients visit her from Austin, Texas, and Dallas. I was able to go to work even 3 days after. Her office is located on the first floor of a great building in Glendale just a few block away from Americana, and Glendale Galleria. There was always few spots in front of the building to park. The surgical center is just a few blocks away from her office. Her staff are nice and hard working. I never needed to wait more than 3 min to be visited. Their scheduling is great. I really apricate doctor's and her staff's hard work, and recommend them to everyone.
05:20 18 Feb 22
I had a nose job years ago after my accident. I was never happy with the result since then, and I was planning to fix it. But, I didn't want to make the same mistake again doing the rhinoplasty surgery with a surgeon with less than 10 years of experience. So, I did lots of research, and I heard lots of great comments about Dr. Susan Chobanian, and her decades of experience. I didn't mind driving from Santa Monica to Glendale for every single visit. Because I was looking for a good result. Majority of the time she did the check up. Her assistance was very knowledgeable and experienced as well. Her pricing was fair and actually not much compared to her so many years of great experience, service and procedures. She is welcoming as many visits that you want to set up with her before and after the procedure with no extra charge. I had a concern about wearing eyeglasses after the surgery, and she made a cast so I can do so. Her office staff replied to many emails, and calls from my company, Unum and provided all the documents needed, in a short time. The surgical room and staff were better than all my past experiences that I had. And at the end the result was very good, and I'm very happy I chose Dr. Susan Chobanian for my nose job. I recommend her to everyone.
Eric ManosEric Manos
02:26 17 Feb 22
My daughter wasn't feeling good about her facial appearance because of her nose and wanted to have a nose job done. I was hesitant for some time, then started doing research about the possible failures. The more research I did, the more scarce I became.I read about the possible failures. I wanted to make sure1. the new nose will suit my daughter's face,2. the chances of an unexpected effect on another facial feature such as the upper lip is minimal, or the outcome is suitable.3. Her healing process will be as expected,4. she will not have a nasal trauma during the healing process.It was tough to get a Rhinoplasty surgeon to give peace of mind. I visited many specialists located in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Palos Verdes, Hollywood Hills, and even “Celebrity rhinoplasty surgeons”. I wasn't worried about the cost. I just didn't want my daughter to get hurt, feel bad about herself after going through all the pain and procedure. Two things helped me to make the best decision. First, I decided to go with a rhinoplasty surgeon with many years of experience. Second, while I was visiting doctor's offices, I had the chance to talk to the patients. I learned every single visitor of Dr. Susan Chobanian has many good things to say about her. Looks like many of the visitors refer to their family members. I asked them all the questions and concerns that I had. And received a ton of good feedback from them. That helped us to take action.It's been 2 months now since my daughter had a nose job. I'm extremely happy with the result. She is extremely happy. She also feels that she can breathe better than before. Her look is natural. She gets lots of good compliments from her colleagues. Thank you Dr. Susan Chobanian, My daughter and I are big fans. God bless you and your family.