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Dr. Chobanian Wants You To Love Yourself:

“People worry that they’re being vain because they want to feel better about how they look, but I feel that aesthetic surgery addresses something far more important than conceit. To put it simply, people want to blend in and feel more comfortable in a crowd.”

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“Dr. Chobanian is the best. I did my rhinoplasty a month ago. The day the cast was taken off, it looked so natural and beautiful. She is an artist truly. I would recommend anyone who asks.
There was no pain, minimal bruising since she doesn’t break any bones, and obviously no scaring since everything is done from inside.
My biggest fear was not being able to breathe the first few days. She placed a smallest packs and I had no problem even breathing with those from the first day.
Thank you Dr. Chobanian for making my experience so easy and the outcome fantastic.”

Haleh S.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Chobanian for four years now. My mistake was not going to her for my rhinoplasty the first time I did it. She ended up doing my revision and it turned out amazing. I want to thank all her amazing staff Taguhi, Maggie and Sosie. They are always very sweet, helpful and understanding. Dr. Chobanian is the best plastic surgeon in Glendale CA for any needs. Her touch is amazing. I’ve referred many of my friends and family members and they all have loved her work. It’s great to have a doctor that I can trust and understand. I love my nose now and it’s only day 10 after surgery!!! Thank you Dr. Chobanian.”

Arus Y.


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